Mechanical Maintenance Programs

Industrial – Commercial – Institutional Mechanical Maintenance Services

A regular maintenance schedule can help save on repair costs, prevent untimely breakdowns and extend the life of your building utilities. A.J. Allen offers a complete Preventative Maintenance Service that utilizes monthly, quarterly and semi-annual checklists to ensure that each system is operating efficiently and economically.

We have 24-hour service with plumbers, hydronic systems pipefitters, and refrigeration and HVAC work technicians available. Besides commercial and industrial service work, our HVAC and refrigeration technicians are involved in the final phases of our new construction and/or renovation projects to perform final test, check and start-up of equipment and familiarize them with the total scope of the project. When future warranty work is needed, or equipment operational questions arise, we have a ready group of knowledgeable technicians that can respond efficiently because they have been involved in the original installation and overall function of the systems.